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Hopupu FAQ

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Our FAQ is here to guide you.

Hopupu surf reports / forecasts

Why some of my surf reports / forecasts have been unpublished?

In some occasions, your surf reports / forecast can be unpublished:

  • When our algorithms detect incoherent reports / forecasts

  • When a few users think your report / forecast is not reliable

How can I republish my unpublished reports / forecasts?

Once removed from a spot's timeline, the unpublished surf reports / forecasts will appear in the "my reports" tab under the "Unpublished section".
In order to republish them, you will just need to click on the pencil icon and change the information (grade + description).

How can I flag a report / deal?

From a spot's timeline, click on the flag icon (exclamation mark sign) and select the reason why you think this report deserves to be flagged.

  1. Inappropriate content

  2. False report / forecast (wrong information)

Why isn't is possible to publish a surf report / forecast?

In the case you just checked the timeline of a spot and accesses the various information describing the surfing conditions up to a certain time / day, it won't be possible for you to post a new report / forecast for the period of time you already got accessed to. You will need to wait 60 minutes without accessing the reports / forecasts before posting a new one on the same spot.

What should I do if one of my deals has been flagged?

In the case one of your deals is flagged (wrong / inappropriate visuals, text, URLs, ...), it will be automatically paused. Your report will stay published but the deal associated to it will be replaced with one of your default deals.

All the flagged deals can be found from your "Deals" page under the "Flagged" section. In order to reactivate your flagged deals, you must make the necessary changes and modify the image, the text and/or replace the URL.

You can refer to our TOS to learn more about the inappropriate content.

Who can flag a report / forecast?

Riders without an access to Hopupu pro account are the only ones who can flag a report or a deal.
Surf businesses / brands, organisations or sponsored ambassadors can't flag reports or deals.

How many spots can I add to my favorites?

As many as you need.

How many reports / forecasts can I publish?

You can publish your surf reports / forecasts on any spot referenced by Hopupu (as long as you know them).
It is possible to publish a report / forecast every hour. Here is an example :

  • You publish a first instant report for Windansea Beach at 10.15 am

  • You won't be able to publish a second instant report on the same spot at 10.16 am. You will have to wait for 1 hour before publishing an instant report for the same spot. You will have to wait until 11.17 am to publish this second instant report on Windansea Beach...

  • You can publish a 2 days forecast for Windansea Beach for 1.45 pm

  • In order to publish a second forecast  for the same spot on the same day, you will have to pick a time slot outside 1.15 pm and 2.15 pm.

Surf reports / forecasts

Surf businesses & brands

How can I turn on the Hopupu pro version?

From the menu tab (upper right corner), click on the "Switch to pro" button. The Hopupu pro version is totally free. The next steps will consists in providing a few information (account type, company type and name, generic information, ...).

I just bought a licence but I can't contact my ambassador.

Don't worry. Once you purchase a licence, you get a few additional days in order to make sure you will have enough time to contact your ambassador and attribute your licence.

  • Monthly subscriptions come with 3 additional days.

  • Any other subscription type come with 7 additional days

Do you offer free ambassador licences?

Yes, 2!

The Hopupu pro version is free (meaning that you get a full licence for your business / brand). You can have an additional licence by supporting at least one surf association / foundation of your choice.

This offer works this way:

By supporting at least one surf organization, one of the organization's deals will replace one of yours every 8 reports / forecasts you publish.

In return you will be granted with an additional ambassador licence for free (as long as you support at least one organization).

Are my licences being renewed automatically?

Absolutely NOT!​

We really don't like these auto renewal methods. You are the only one in charge of the renewal of your subscription.

Do you offer discounts?


Discounts are automatically applied on licences in two cumulative ways:

  1. The subscription lenght (monthly, 6 months, 12 months)

  2. The number of licences you decide to purchase

Can I get a refund if I don't use my licences?

We don't usually offer refunds and this type of request will be reviewed individually. Please don't hesitate to contact us if need be.

Is there a free trial?


As the creation of a Hopupu pro account is totally free, you can enjoy all the Hopupu pro features as long as you want to and even get a free ambassador licence if you decide to support at least one of the surf organizations referenced on the Hopupu app.

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Entreprises /marques

Associations / Foundations / Surf Organisations

How can I activate the Hopupu pro version for my organisation?

Contact us directly from this page.

A very quick verification is necessary in order to activate your account.

How many ambassadors' licences can I get for my organization?

As a surf organization (association : foundation), you will get an unlimited number of ambassador's licences. Which means that your team(s) and your volunteers can share your ads / announcements with every report / forecast they publish, but also that any rider, surf business or brand on Hopupu can do it to.
Riders will share your ads everytime they post a report / forecast
Surf businesses and brands will share your ads once every 8 reports

Fondations / associations
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Ambassadors & sponsored riders

Is it possible to have multiple sponsors?

Of course!

What happens if my sponsor / ambassador fails to honor his/her part of the deal?

Hopupu cannot be held responsible for any kind of disagreement between an ambassador and his / her sponsor. you can refer to our TOS for more details on this page.

Can Hopupu help me set up the agreement / contract?


Where can I find my ID?

Your ID is a unique code that you will find just below your pseudo in the menu. You will have to share this ID with your sponsor (surf business / brand) in order to share its deals when publishing a report / forecast.


Hopupu Web App

Is Hopupu supported on multiple devices?

Hopupu is a web app available on any device (smartphones, tablets and PCs). You can access it from your favorite browser (chrome, firefox, safari)

How can I add Hopupu to the homescreen of my smartphone?

In order to save time, you can add Hopupu directly to the homescreen of your smartphone in a few seconds. Check this page out to set this up in 5 seconds.

Is Hopupu going to replace other surf forecasting websites?

Absolutely NOT!​

All surf forecasts websites are essentials.​

The main difference between Hopupu and "conventional" surf forecasting services can be summarized this way:
We don't have the same model

The core of most surf forecasting services is to gather, process and analyze weather data thanks to computers.

Hopupu is a platform that allows ocean addicts to share "human" surf reports / forecasts.

Whether it's you, a surfing company/brand, an organization or an ambassador, getting access to the weather data available on these forecasting sites is critical to finding/sharing the right information.

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